torsdag 31. juli 2014

Catching up by staying behind

What a richness nature has.
From the deep red soil to the fruits of the tree.
From the great lakes and oceans to the charged up stars.
Being around it contaminates you with such bottomless prosperity its almost like your cheating in the game of life. And now you know. - Loys Doy

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onsdag 30. juli 2014

7 Dangers to Human Virtue

Syns orginalen var lame så jeg laga min egen.. 

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søndag 27. juli 2014

Tiggeforbud du lissom, jeg tror vi heller sier Pengekanon!

Tiggeforbud er piss. Jeg har tro på å dele! Derfor erklærer jeg herved pengekanon! Om det er til en narkoman, buisness-ide, venn, familie, nabo, prostituert, tigger, organisasjon eller trangsynt politiker spiller ingen rolle. Trenger ikke være penger du gir engang.. Hvis dette resonerer med hjertet ditt, hjelp meg spre budskapet! :) Hilsen Doddy aka Loys Doy aka Drinkenihånda aka Follopresidenten aka Potetgullshamanen aka Mr Seddelregn aka LegalizeFun

tirsdag 22. juli 2014

Divine freedom

I always feel free cause i do what i want
And no one can stop me this truth is my art
I heal those around by being myself
So those who are'nt ready, they find someone else

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mandag 14. juli 2014

Dikt og maleri

From where i dont know.
An army of thousands of shallow and soulless soldiers invade.
Built to overtake and conquer planets by the dozens in just the matter of days.
One, aweakens to its own supprise, by a feeling of belonging through a mechinical heart, only built for war and force. It finds a whole new corse. 
A glitch commonly refered to as a malfunction among robots. Saves a boy from trivial slaughter and leaps into an unknown terretory of universal connection. Like to brothers meeting, from two different galaxies.
They have nothing in common except being, yet that is all they need.
A Flowering has begun.

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